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6 Fun Things to Do Online When You’re Feeling Creative

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With so much content available online, the internet is basically your one-stop solution for boredom. Sometimes, browsing, reading, or watching movies isn’t enough to keep you entertained. Especially if you’re feeling creative.

That said, there’s no reason that browsing the internet should be considered wasteful. Who knows, you might find an amazing podcast, discover new music you love, or utilize one of the many free drawing apps that’ll help you engage both your browser and your brain.

Here is a list of creative things to do online.

1. Use Spotify or Soundcloud to Discover New Music

Search for New Bands Online Soundcloud

One way to tackle the question of what to do when you’re feeling creative is to go online and discover new music genres.

A tool you can use to do this is Spotify, which is a music streaming platform. Spotify’s browsing and discovery capabilities allow you to search for bands and individual artists within specific genres or subgenres.

Another great way to discover new music is to go to Soundcloud, which has gained prominence over the years by allowing you to explore and listen to a huge pool of talented, upcoming musicians.

While Soundcloud is no longer the newest website out there, and it’s past the height of the popularity that it experienced in the late 2010’s, it’s still great for browsing.

You can also use YouTube’s search function to find bands who have uploaded videos of their music. Just type in the genre of music that you want to explore, then let the algorithm do the rest of the work.

2. Find Online Radio Stations Using Internet Radio

Find internet Radio Stations

On top of finding new music genres, you can also use tools such as Internet Radio to find online radio stations you’ve never heard of before. Additionally, you can use apps like Pandora to find podcasts that cover every topic under the sun.

If you want to learn more about online radio and podcasts, here’s how to find the best internet radio stations

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3. Make Your Own Music Online With Looplabs

Feeling Creative Make Music for Free Looplabs

Looking for things to create online, instead of “find?” You can make your own music for free, too.

Looplabs is just one of the many tools that can help you with this. With the use of virtual studios, the team at Looplabs continues to produce very capable, cloud-based music apps.

You can also try out Soundtrap. Soundtrap is primarily a subscription-based service, but they do have a free plan available to casual users that will let you test out its tools.

For an impressive, module-based creation suite, try Audiotool. The suite provides a number of gadgets, including a lot of digitally recreated classics. Using virtual wiring, you have the freedom to create your own unique setup and record your own sound.

Finally—if you’re lucky enough to own a guitar, and clever enough to get the basics right—there are thousands of songs waiting to be learned at

Consider this the online version of musical sheet work.

4. Set Up a Blog Using WordPress or Write Posts for Medium

Creative Things to Do Online Write for Medium

Obviously, if you already have a blog, this section won’t apply to you. However, if creating a blog has been on your to-do list for a while, then there’s no better time to start than now.

As the years have passed, it’s become increasingly easier to establish yourself and your own creative vision on the internet. If you love to write, you can harness this creativity into a blog.

A tried-and-true classic for blogging is WordPress, which will provide you with a stable, robust platform to write. For a small fee per month—which varies depending on the pricing plan you choose—you can also receive your own domain name attached to your WordPress account.

Another writing service that you can check out is Medium, which is a micro-blogging platform with a journalistic focus. There, you can read and post long-form informative articles on a variety of different topics.

You can also run a blog through Squarespace, which offers very robust blogging tie-in features as part of its website hosting package.

Please Note: If you’re knowledgeable about basic HTML and you’re a fan of web design, then WordPress is definitely the option that you’ll want to go with.

It offers the greatest versatility when it comes to interface customization.

5. Draw Online for Free With Kleki, Autodraw, or Pixilart

Draw Online for Free Pixilart

If you’re feeling creative—and you’re handy with a paintbrush or pen—you can also try the free online painting app Kleki, or the AI drawing experiment Autodraw.

Both of these websites allow you to create finished art pieces in your browser with a variety of simple tools. You can then download the art pieces from the web.

For Photoshop-styled web apps, Pixlr makes for a great image editor. We also have to give an enthusiastic mention to Pixilart, which provides you with a lovely, pixel-based interface with which to sketch and draw.

6. Build Something Online With a City Building Game

Build Something Online City Building Game

If you’ve ever played SimCity and thought “this is for me,” then maybe you should check out our recent article on the best free online city building games. Among the games on that list, there was a really simple one called Toy Box Metropolis, which I personally fell in love with.

As part of a test project built during a 72-hour “game jam,” the concept of Toy Box is simple. In the game, you’re building a city in ten turns or less, except this city is located on a child’s bedroom floor. It sort of reminds you of a digital box of LEGO.

If you’d rather build something real, however, then there’s always, one of the web’s best DIY resources.

Don’t Feel Bored When There Are Creative Things to Do Online

Boredom is generally solved by the internet. Without much searching at all, you’re bound to find some informative podcasts to listen to. You’ll also find fun games to play, or the odd documentary or short movie to watch.

If you still find yourself bored online, however, or you need suggestions on what to listen to, here’s a list of the best podcasts about audio and sound design

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