Stock Your Pantry with 300 Biscoffs for $26 Before United Airlines Takes Them Away

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Lotus Biscoff – 300 Count | $27 | Amazon

I still haven’t forgiven United Airlines since that one time they trashed my guitar and shrugged it off when I complained. But when Gizmodo senior reporter Dell Cameron tipped us off that the company would be replacing its revered serving of caramelized biscuit snack on every flight with Oreo Thins, I shuddered in distress.

Imagine a world deprived of mid-flight speculoos. 30,000 feet in the air scarfing down spiced shortcrust? That’s the real mile high club. In the meantime, I guess we’ll have to settle for stocking up on these delicious European tea cookies in bulk. For $27, you can get a pack of 300 on Amazon right now, and what’s stopping you from smuggling them onto your next flight?

Okay, sure, maybe the TSA is stopping you. But worst case scenario, they confiscate your sandpaper wafer and toss it in the trash. Then you’re back at square one, chasing that brown sugar-tinged high you once delighted in, free of charge, before the whole world went to hell.

Ah, well, nevertheless, at least it’s coming back in May.

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