Work (Out) From Home With 25% off Yoga Apparel and Accessories at Sweaty Betty

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Image: Sweaty Betty

The best at-home workout fitness deals at Sweaty Betty for March 2020 are here.

As quarantine rolls on to another work from home week the fine folks at Sweaty Betty want to be there for you. Metaphorically, obviously because of social distancing and all. As we adjust to the work and workout balance in our houses Sweaty Betty wants you to have all you need since you can’t make it to the yoga studio. They are giving you 25% off all yoga items and free shipping. If you’ve been thinking about a new mat or cute leggings now is the time to buy. And first-time purchase can snag an additional 15%.

Sweaty Betty is notoriously expensive so sales like this are for anyone who’s wanted in on the British brand but weren’t keen on the pricing.

Eco Yoga Mat | $53

Image: Sweaty Betty

Let’s start with the literal foundation. This sturdy yoga mat has 2 levels of grip to make sure you’re totally secure to get zen. There should be no slipping depending on where you have to place it. This mat is also biodegradable so good looking out for mother earth while breaking a sweat. This comes in black and black cherry. Easy to clean with soap and water and just hang it to try. Easy peasy.

Yoga Brick | $12

Image: Sweaty Betty

An item for the more advanced yoga-er! This foam yoga brick helps stabilize different poses. It’s lightweight so easy to move wherever your limbs need it. The durable material ensures it can handle anything you bring to it, even if you take it outside.

Pilates Socks | $14

Graphic: Gabe Carey

If you like to have your tootsies covered while doing your tripods, Sweaty Betty has these cuties, available in three colors. They are high-grip socks for you can get as intense as you need to with your lunges without worry.

Garudasana Yoga Pants | $86

Graphic: Gabe Carey

These super soft yoga pants have seven colors to choose from. If you were in the market for the most stylish sweats ever now you’ve found them. These pants were made for Netflix and chillin’ once the camel poses are through. Stretchy but relaxed and yes, oh yes there are pockets. One review actually lists them as the perfect ‘work from home’ pants. That has to be the highest accolade.

Brahma Padded Yoga Bra | $45

Graphic: Gabe Carey

A little extra comfort and support goes a long way especially in a good bra. This delicate yoga bra is here in your time of need. It’s comfy and stays in place for all your stretching and bending no matter how intricate. Reviewers say the padding gives a great shape but can be easily removed. The skinny straps will look great under a tank or anything actually.

Double Time Workout Vest | $53

Graphic: Gabe Carey

Speaking of cute tanks, this is a two for one look. The flowing mesh vest is super flattering to all sizes and gives a really chic look. You can wear the tank solo or even just the mesh vest with the aforementioned yoga bra. Either way they are light and breezy to keep you cool and dry in even the most of intense workout sessions.

Escape Luxe Fleece Cropped Hoodie | $105

Graphic: Gabe Carey

I love a cropped hoodie with high-waisted leggings or even with a fitted tank underneath. This is a sleek look both on and off of your mat. The fleece it’s made from is actually all recycled fabric and all the reviews point to it truly being as soft as advertised. The fleece isn’t too heavy. This is ideal for workouts and for just lounging on the sofa. Eight color options.

Super Sculpt Soft High Waisted 7/8 Yoga Leggings | $83

Graphic: Gabe Carey

And here are those perfect leggings to pair with that hoodie. Not only are both the pink and green patterns gorgeous but each set was made with 17 post-consumer plastic bottles. Look good and feel good while helping the planet. There’s a comfy waistband and sculpting power to make all bums look top notch. The side pocket won’t ruin the silhouette of these lovely pants even with a phone in them.

Simhasana Sport Sweatshirt | $64

Graphic: Gabe Carey

I’m a sucker for some boatneck action and thumb holes! This one is already in my cart. The boxy cut allows for the full range of movement you could need and the open back keeps you perfectly relaxed. It’s an ideal cover up shirt to thrown on over your bra or bikini top. Apparently, this is a design that goes on and off the site so if you want it you have to move fast.

Sanctuary Luxe Zip Through Hoody | $139

Graphic: Gabe Carey

A pricey item but it’s demeaned by many purchasers as the ultimate hoodie. So good that you’ll never want to take it off even when you’re done with downward dog. This is another recycled fleece shirt also with thumbholes. This hoody has big cozy sleeves so you can layer without restricting your arms.

Yoga Mat Bag | $37

Graphic: Gabe Carey

Depending on your space situation you might have to roll that lovely mat away after each use. Well, why not store it in its own bag? This is a well-crafted bag that’s great for transporting. Dare to dream when you can get back out there will your fellow bendy pals.

Metallic Water Bottle | $28

Image: Sweaty Betty

Just because we are inside most of the day doesn’t excuse us from not hydrating properly. Sweaty Betty’s own gunmetal water bottle is versatile being able to handle both hot and cold beverages. So be it coffee, tea, or good old fashion H2O just stay quenched in quarantine.

Rapid Merino Running Beanie | $37

I’m adding this cute beanie for good measure because it’s also on sale and the easiest way to hide a lot of messy hair. This type of merino fabric isn’t heavy so you’ll be both cool and cool.

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