5 LightWeight JQuery Alternatives You Should Try in 2019

There are times when we only need a few methods of JQuery API and if any lightweight library can provide all of them, it’s not wise to load JQuery which sized around 250KB. So, let’s have a look at some good lightweight JQuery alternatives that you can try.

JQuery is a fast, cross-platform and open-source JavaScript library. It’s It provides an easy way to use JavaScript on your website and make it more interactive and attractive. JQuery makes things like HTML document manipulation, animation, event handling, and AJAX simpler with an easy-to-use API.

JQuery Alternatives in 2019

1. UmbrellaJS

Jquery alternatives

UmbrellaJS is highly influenced by JQuery. It’s only 2.5Kb when gzipped that means it will take a second to load on mobile. It is not only tiny but also comes with some extra features as compared to JQuery. It’s supported by Internet Explorer 11+ and all the other popular browsers. Unlike JQuery, you can also use native javascript methods on the umbrella selectors. Its syntax is similar to JQuery except u instead of $.

Sample Usage:

u(“button”).on(‘click’, function(){
alert(“Hello world”);

2. Cash

Cash is an absurdly small (10% the size of jQuery) jQuery alternative supported by IE10+ and other modern browsers. Its syntax is similar to JQuery and gives you a query selector, collection methods and some library methods. Cash might not have all the features of JQuery but it provides all the essential basic features you need.

Sample Usage:

var element = $(“div”);
$(element).attr ( attrName, attrValue );

3. ChibiJS

Chibi is a really light micro-library enough to stick inline on single page web apps, saving an extra HTTP request. It’s 7KB when minified and 3KB when zipped. In modern browsers, Chibi executes DOM manipulation 20 to 50% faster than other grown-up libraries. Its syntax is similar to JQuery. ChibiJS intentionally uses the same $ namespace to prevent micro-libraries to be mixed with other grown-up libraries.

Sample Usage:


4. ZeptoJS

Zepto is an open-source minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a mostly jQuery-compatible API. This library has no plans to compete with JQuery but to enable developers to get most out of its API in less size. The size of ZeptoJS is only 5-10KB which makes downloading and execution really fast. It supports IE10+ and all the major browsers.

Sample Usage:


5. JavaScript

The native JavaScript is itself one of the best JQuery alternatives. The reason I am saying this is most of the browsers comes with JavaScript by default and so you don’t need to install JQuery in your application.JQuery is a JavaScript-based library which even supports older browsers and gives you a sort of relief from browser compatibility issues. The only con of using native JavaScript is not won’t get the super friendly syntax as JQuery provides.

Sample Usage:

var element = document.getElementById(“media”);
element.classList.add(“my style”);

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