Google now prefer Kotlin programming language for Android apps

After saying Kotlin as an official language for writing android apps at Google I/O 2017, this language has seen super development. Kotlin is a statically-typed basic objective programming language that runs on the JVM and comes with a whole lot of superb options.

The Android Studio introduced full assist for Kotlin. This language solved many frequent points and make it simpler for builders to create android apps whereas additionally enhancing the event cycle.

Google Suggests Using Kotlin For Android App Development

Two years later, at Google I/O 2019, the search big has introduced Kotlin as one of many most-loved programming languages. Google additionally revealed that greater than 50% of builders are utilizing Kotlin to develop their apps.

According to a blog post written by Chet Haase, chief advocate for Google’s Android, “Android improvement will turn out to be more and more Kotlin-first. Many new Jetpack APIs and options can be provided first in Kotlin. If you’re beginning a brand new venture, it’s best to write it in Kotlin; code which is written in Kotlin typically means a lot much less code for you – total, much less code to kind, take a look at, and keep.”

If we take a look at Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, Kotlin ranks as the fourth-most loved programming language. Also, the variety of Kotlin contributors is quickly rising on Github.

Considering all these elements, the Haase stated, “We’re saying that the subsequent large step that we’re taking is that we’re going Kotlin-first.” Though Google is increasing the assist of Kotlin, in addition they confirmed that builders can nonetheless use Java and C++ for Android improvement.

“We perceive that not all people is on Kotlin proper now, however we imagine that it’s best to get there. There could also be legitimate causes for you to nonetheless be utilizing the C++ and Java programming languages and that’s completely high quality. These are usually not going away,” Haase added.

Google describes Kotlin as a contemporary statically typed programming language that not solely boosts your productiveness but in addition brings happiness to builders.

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If you don’t know, Kotlin was formally launched in February 2016 by JetBrains. It runs on the highest of JVM and can be compiled to Java. You can use Kotlin alongside Java for constructing apps.

Kotlin doesn’t require you to jot down massive quantities of ‘boilerplate’ code, and that’s the primary benefit of this language. You must kind much less code, take a look at and keep. It’s fashionable statically typed language totally interoperable with Java. It means you may simply name Java code from Kotlin and Kotlin code from Java.


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