My Cat Is Only a Little Crusty, Thanks to This Catnip-Infused Foam Wash

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Photo: Gabe Carey

My cat—let’s call him Porky—is a good man. He’s also an asshole. People, cats included, contain multitudes. When I adopted the Pork Bun four years ago, he was a baby, as once we all were. Now, as we say in the south, HE’S A HOSS.

At 18 pounds, no matter how strict his diet, he sheds everywhere. And when you live in a studio apartment with two pets and a partner, it begins to wrack your nerves. I’ve been stocking up on these bad boys for as long as I’ve had my bad boy, and it’s never enough.

Also, I should add, I hate giving my cat baths. Maybe I’m speaking in platitudes now because no one likes to give their cat a bath, but I hate it so much I don’t do it at all! The problem is, he doesn’t like giving himself baths either. Mostly because he can’t reach certain areas, and he’s lazy.

So that’s why Porko is crusty. There. I said it. My. Cat. Is. Crusty. AF.

Look at him. Basking in his own filth. Disgusting.

Photo: Victoria Song

So when I got this $10 catnip-infused Cat Bath Foam Wash from the newly launched (from the creators of the Litter Robot which I will no doubt be discussing at length in a future Inventory post), I was relieved such a thing existed at all.

Though not completely waterless—the top ingredient is water after all—it sure beats running water from a faucet.

Every time I’ve tried the ol’ rinse and scrub, my guy screams, “Cut that shit out, man!” And so I do.

Photo: Gabe Carey

Apart from water, other ingredients in the formula include Polysorbate 20, glycerin, catnip oil, bamboo shoot extract, and watermint leaf oil.

Every one of these ingredients are safe for cats, according to the Cat Bath Foam Wash FAQ, so you don’t have to worry about your little buddy getting sick if the foam is accidentally consumed. That said, advises against ingestion and says to “avoid over-wetting your pet’s ear canals.”

Once you’ve sufficiently massaged the Cat Bath Foam Wash into your kitty’s flesh, I recommend a good brushing to eliminate the rest of its loose hair (or as much of it as is humanly possible). Personally, I use this one, but any brush will do. In my experience, Pablo (oops, I used his real name) was more averse to the brushing aspect than the foam wash application.

Even so, he was noticeably calmer than he normally is when given baths. Whether you chalk that up to the catnip or the lack of blood-curdling faucet water, or a combination of both, doesn’t matter. Friendship ended with tub baths, now catnip-infused foam wash is my new best friend.

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